Friday, September 09, 2005

Absolute Practice

The Absolute Darlings had a get together and rehearsal at my place last night in the lounge. They'd broken up about a year ago but are doing a special one-off gig for Peter's (stage name Pierre La Blag) 40th Birthday (I'm sure he'll love me bringing that up!) I stuck around for a bit but got bored so went into my room for a bit. Had a chat with Chantal about The Da Vinci Code - facinating. I think I wanna read that eventually. Whilst reading it she was refering to an art book so she could see what art parts of the book was referring to. As she was explaining stuff to me and showing me the pieces of art I started to feel inspired so spent the rest of the night making pictures.

Also, Reign Of Fire was on the tele last night. I forgot how good that film is! Here's a few pics!

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