Monday, April 28, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Not much to say here - you know what it's all about, you know you have to own it. I've had it since Friday and I just have to say it's way better than I could ever have hoped. Fantastic!

Friday, April 25, 2008

New music video for Blind Voyeurs

So, I figured it'd be good to submit something to Vimeo as I love that site and I thought why shouldn't I showcase some of my material!? This video is a short snippet of some of my live visuals for Blind Voyeurs gigs put to some music. The tune is called Chemical Burns.

New tune + New Visuals = New Music Video.

Blind Voyeurs - Chemical Burns (DEMO v1.02) from Steve Beck on Vimeo.

It's also on YouTube. If you've got a profile on there and want to fave it, comment it, rate it. Feel free

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Digg: Free New Nine Inch Nails Song, "Discipline"

Found on (for those interested)...

Trent Reznor is an amazing man, just put your email address in to get the download link and check your email to download Discipline, the new single

read more | digg story

UPDATE: I just downloaded it, listened to it, didn't really care for it much. It was NIN by numbers if you ask me. But you might like it. And as it's a free download that's also DRM free that's a bonus. It's better to download it for free and then decide whether you like it or not than to go buy it on CD in HMV, take it home, listen to it and THEN decide you don't like it.

Eye eye

I can't quite remember the last thing I was dreaming about this morning but I know that I was about to apologise to someone in my dream before my alarm went off and woke me up. That annoyed me. So I hit snooze, went back into slumber land for 5 minutes so I could apologise to this guy and finish off my dream. I have such a guilty conscience that I even have to make ammends with imaginary people!! What's that all about?!?

Anyway, then I finally woke up properly my right eye was all blurry. I must've been sleeping on it. It's happened before and it normally corrects itself. But now it's nearly 10:00am and I still can't see out of my right eye properly! It's freaking me out a bit!!!!

(Lisa's just texted me saying that she'll have to get me an eye patch!!! Yaaarrrr Jim lad!!!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm on the Radio tonight

...with my band, Blind Voyeurs. Here's a Copy&Paste of our Myspace Blog post...

We'll be on Hope FM tonight between 7pm and 8pm (GMT). We'll be playing 4 tracks from the upcoming album and chatting with the hosts about stuff. Listen to the stream online here...

...or tune your analogue dial to 90.1 FM - but you'll need to be very local as their range is pretty short. If you listen in online be sure to have pop-ups enabled on your browser.

Hope you can tune in

Textual Intercourse 1 - IBS

A text conversation between me and Lisa....

Lisa: We have a weeks extension on our hard GIS map assignment
Me: That's good news baby. I'm having a really shit day. My brain's not working, eerything I'm doing is wrong, the coffee machine's broken ... I could go on but I won't. Wanna go to Boscombe at lunch, coming?
Lisa: Ok, I'm having a shite day now 2. have to ring mortgage company as they're being arseholes. Will get my shit 2gether & jump on a bus asap x

...2 mins...

Lisa: On the bus, dya fancy The Percy 4 lunch? I could do with an alcoholic beverage?

(at this point I should explain that 'The Percy' is a pub on the edge of Boscombe High Street)

Me: If it's not too busy yeah. Xx
Lisa: OK ill check it out, what dya want 2 drink if its quiet?
Me: I dunno. Pint of Fosters? I really shouldn't be having booze today. I was thinking more about going to either Costa or the other coffee shop down by MacDonalds xx
Lisa: Ok, actually I fancy a maccy ds now?
Me: Maccy D's = IBS in a bun

As I was typing that last text she rang. I explained what I was typing so we decided to meet at somewhere completely different for lunch so as to prevent potential tummy troubles. We met up and went to a nice little cafe opposite the Opera House (the name escapes me) and had Cappacino with Chicken, Pesto and Mozzerella panini.

It arrived. The side salad had a sweet vingarette. Ate everything. I realised I was gonna be late getting back to work so I left at 1:51 (it's a 10 min walk back)

On the way back I had IBS.


Music - recording, watching, listening

So, I've got my new mixing desk and some new mics. (Alesis Multimix16 USB2 and a couple of Shure mics) Tried them out last night and they work a treat. I wanted to record this song that's been in my head for the last couple of days but I felt too self aware with the window open - it was so fuckin hot yesterday! Can't wait to try recording some proper tracks live with the full band. Need some more mic stands though.

I watched Jools Holland last night. It was cool to see The Charlatans with some new stuff. Tim Burgesses hair was a bit weird though - not that that really matters. Was interesting to see Was Not Was still pushing 'Walk The Dinosaur'. And there was an awesome Japanese drum band called Yamato Drummers that totally blew my mind.


I had a dream last night that we got burgled. All I could think about was "Ooh look how much room we've got" - not "Fuck! Where's me stuff??"

Woke up to find the kitchen window wide open!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't cry over spilt coffee

So, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare in that it was raining and I had to get up to go to work. Some days I don't mind having to earn a living but this was one of those days that I knew was going to be a bad start to a weird week.
Today (Tuesday) I sprung out of bed in an attempt to apply the typical English tally-ho "pull yourself together" type attitude - I was even singing the theme tune to Dallas (I dunno where that came from?!)

It was all going well until I got to work to grab myself a coffee. My usual brew (number 35 - instant coffee, white with sugar) came out as a weak milky water!! Undeterred, I went for a cappacino. I couldn't see if it was like the other coffee as it was covered in froth - as cappacinos generally are. I tried to blow the froth out of the way but that didn't work. So I gave it a sip. Burnt my lip and spilt half of it on my clean white shirt from the reflex action! Muthafucka!

Well, at least I've got a half day today!

Monday, April 21, 2008

grabbing your attention!

grabbing your attention!, originally uploaded by SteveBeck.

I HATE mondays!!! I'm at work and I don't want to be!

GET .... ME ..... OUT .... OF ..... HERE!!

Stormy bus journey 1

Stormy bus journey 1, originally uploaded by SteveBeck.

It was chucking it down last night. Thunder and lightening too. But it wasn't cold - it felt more like a tropical storm!

This is Boscombe

On the bus

On the bus, originally uploaded by SteveBeck.

on the way to Lee's. He offered to make us a slap-up roast! It was fuckin HUGE!!!!!!!! I still feel fat today

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blind Voyeurs - Stoner Jam

Here's my first video from Vimeo. Wanted to test how long my videos can be cos YouTube is limited to 10 minutes. It appears that the only limit on Vimeo is by the size of the video file! Sweet.

Blind Voyeurs - Stoner Jam from Steve Beck on Vimeo.


Just discovered a nice video site called Vimeo. It's like YouTube but without all the pointless videos of some guy being kicking in the nuts! This one's more about art and small magical packets of peoples lives. The videos have a better compression and are a lot better quality than YouTube. There's even a HD section. I've signed up, gonna start making videos and put them on there. Here's some of the cool stuff that you can find on there...

Stairwell from Ted on Vimeo.

HV20 Canon LOCUSTS - The Eighth Plague from scope2000 on Vimeo.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Check it out! It's a new video site from They have videos of live gigs, interviews, exclusive videos etc of lots of really cool bands. It's currently one of my favourite sites. Bookmark it