Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't cry over spilt coffee

So, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare in that it was raining and I had to get up to go to work. Some days I don't mind having to earn a living but this was one of those days that I knew was going to be a bad start to a weird week.
Today (Tuesday) I sprung out of bed in an attempt to apply the typical English tally-ho "pull yourself together" type attitude - I was even singing the theme tune to Dallas (I dunno where that came from?!)

It was all going well until I got to work to grab myself a coffee. My usual brew (number 35 - instant coffee, white with sugar) came out as a weak milky water!! Undeterred, I went for a cappacino. I couldn't see if it was like the other coffee as it was covered in froth - as cappacinos generally are. I tried to blow the froth out of the way but that didn't work. So I gave it a sip. Burnt my lip and spilt half of it on my clean white shirt from the reflex action! Muthafucka!

Well, at least I've got a half day today!

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