Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Textual Intercourse 1 - IBS

A text conversation between me and Lisa....

Lisa: We have a weeks extension on our hard GIS map assignment
Me: That's good news baby. I'm having a really shit day. My brain's not working, eerything I'm doing is wrong, the coffee machine's broken ... I could go on but I won't. Wanna go to Boscombe at lunch, coming?
Lisa: Ok, I'm having a shite day now 2. have to ring mortgage company as they're being arseholes. Will get my shit 2gether & jump on a bus asap x

...2 mins...

Lisa: On the bus, dya fancy The Percy 4 lunch? I could do with an alcoholic beverage?

(at this point I should explain that 'The Percy' is a pub on the edge of Boscombe High Street)

Me: If it's not too busy yeah. Xx
Lisa: OK ill check it out, what dya want 2 drink if its quiet?
Me: I dunno. Pint of Fosters? I really shouldn't be having booze today. I was thinking more about going to either Costa or the other coffee shop down by MacDonalds xx
Lisa: Ok, actually I fancy a maccy ds now?
Me: Maccy D's = IBS in a bun

As I was typing that last text she rang. I explained what I was typing so we decided to meet at somewhere completely different for lunch so as to prevent potential tummy troubles. We met up and went to a nice little cafe opposite the Opera House (the name escapes me) and had Cappacino with Chicken, Pesto and Mozzerella panini.

It arrived. The side salad had a sweet vingarette. Ate everything. I realised I was gonna be late getting back to work so I left at 1:51 (it's a 10 min walk back)

On the way back I had IBS.


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