Monday, April 30, 2007

Sat on the blog...

Fuck me it's been such a long time since my last post that I decided to start this post off with a four-letter f-word shocker!!

So what have I been up to exactly. Well, since my last post (the one about my lovely new macbook) I've been up to Wales to see Lisa's parents. We must've brought bad luck with us cos during the course of our stay we witnessed a sheep giving a difficult birth, a tree falling down across their neighbour's driveway and their TV packed in! Since we left Wales we've heard that their fridge and dishwasher had packed in too!! Oh dear.

Lisa's taken back the goldfish. Me and Scott have been looking after her goldfish for about a year and now Lisa decided that she'd like to have her around her place for a bit. I'm not bothered mind, but I kinda miss the little bugger swimming around in the corner of our lounge.

During the weekend just gone, Lisa and I drove up to Worth Matravers to see James and co for a birthday drink. James, Emma, Potts, Summer and friends were staying at a cottage for the weekend to have a murder mystery weekend. I was invited (along with Lisa, Scott and Lottie) to go too but none of us could afford it. Anyway, we went to this little pub called Square & Compass. It's a great pub with great atmosphere. There's chickens wandering around the grounds, people playing harmonica and guitar, some people go there to make sculptures, real ales straight out of the barrel and it had the worlds smallest bar (I don't know if it's actually the official worlds smallest bar but it was pretty darn small!) Such a chilled out hippy vibe. Loved it.

My band, Blind Voyeurs have just released a YouTube channel called Blind Voyeurs TV (or BVTV for short) and it will eventually have lots of video clips of us lot. We're planning on having clips of gigs, clips of us practicing and generally larking about. Right now we've only got two videos uploaded but that's only cos we've just got started. In the favourites section we will have a whole load of videos that we like from some of our favorite and influential bands. If you get bored or there's nothing else on TV head on over there to see what we've got. If you've got your own YouTube channel add us as friends or subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

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