Friday, March 30, 2007

one word... MACBOOK!


Yep, that's right folks. I've just bought a new macbook! And, after playing with it for only a short amount of time I have to say that I absolutely LOVE IT!! Coming from being a PC user for about 12 years it's pretty obvious that I've got a lot to learn but when it comes to computers I'm a fast learner. What suprised me most about when I opened the box was the lack of massive thick manuals! And after switching on and going through the usual 'new user' intro stuff I could begin to see why. Everything is totally intuitive. I'm still finding it weird just having one mouse button but I'll soon get the hang of that.

I'll mainly use it for music production. It already comes packed with Garagebands (a piece of software that Matt told me he uses for Tex La Homa) but I'm hoping to get Logic Pro as I'm planning on doing some seriously thorough manipulation. So the more control I have the better. I'll also probably use it a bit for video production, web design, photoshopping and blogging.

But this all stuff which will take me at least the next month or so to get my teeth into. Right now, I'm just gonna explore what I can do with it straight out of the box and go from there. This next week or so will be just simple tasks such as writing and playing DVDs, manipulating photos and surfing the net.

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