Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Photoblog 2 - Bournemouth Rally 2007

On Friday 23rd Feb we went to watch the first stage of Bournemouth's annual Sunseeker Rally at Bournemouth Gardens. This stage is just a short run the gardens towards the pier and then on the coastal road along East Cliff towards Boscombe Pier. I went down there with Lisa, Jen, Scott, James and Emma. Lisa was loving every minute of it and was in her element. I was enjoying it but not as much because it was freezing, it started to rain and couldn't see anything properly. So after about an hour we left Lisa and Jen to it and headed off to 60 Million Postcards for a nice pint or two.

As the gardens were all boxed off we had to walk the long way around - around The Pavilion, towards The Square and round past The Moon In The Square. When we got The Moon we realised that we shoulda come here first cos all the cars were lining up here waiting to get the green light to race. I sent a picture message to Lisa to show what was going on and told her to get her arse over here!!

Time for pics...

pic 006

Vroooooom 1
Belive it or not there IS a car in this pic...'s just going too fast to capture it!

Rally 3
What we saw outside The Moon

pic 017

pic 015

pic 004

And now a couple of video clips pasted together
in one glorious YouTube bonanza...

We finally got to 60 Million Postcards, bought some drinks and sat down in the big comfy leather chairs. We the realised that we coulda come in here all along and watched it from here cos it was all happening just outside the window!

pic 019

...and then the copious drinking commenced! Don't remember much from this point. The only point of reference was from the photos left lingering in the memories of phones and cameras. Without these I woulda forgotten that people were taking turns to shave my head!... ok apart from the fact the I woulda woken up the next morning with found that my hair was substantially shorter that I remember! Anyway, here's some more pics of that night...

60 Million Postcards 6

60 Million Postcards 8

60 Million Postcards 4

60 Million Postcards 3

Taxi Home 2

Shaving my head 1


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