Monday, December 11, 2006

Blind Voyeurs have a LOUD practice

So, this weekend my band (Blind Voyeurs) had an 'emergency' practice in a practice room out in Sopley. This our first 'LOUD' practice with full drum kit and proper bass amp in a room in the middle of nowhere where we can play as loud as we like and no fucker will complain! WOO!

Oh my god, everything fell right into place and we are sounding amazing if I may say so myself. We've dropped a song called Ukul and replace it with The Mockery - a song that only me, Scott and Matt played once in a jam and that only us three knew how to play. We had a couple of jams on it with Lee, James and Martin and it ended up sound so ballsy that it's gonna be a face-melter! We're gonna use it as the last track to finish our set with.

Other songs that we were worried about sounding lame are now starting to sound like they have testes the likes of which will make King Kong bow down in shame, such as Ghost Written and Pale Blue Dot. All of this probably won't make much sence to most of you yet as you wouldn't hvae heard of some of the tracks. But you'll be hearing them when we have our first public gig on Friday 5th January 2007 at Centre Stage, next to Pig & Whistle, Westbourne. Be there folks!

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