Friday, March 25, 2005

Loooooong emails!!

Yesterday I got an email from my good old buddie Christina (lovingly known as Xina) ....
A piccie of Xina taken during Easter 2004
She's travelling the world and is currently in the land of Oz. No, not the one with the Yellow Brick Road but Australia. Anyhoo, she sent out an email to all of us giving us her new mobile number, which I used straight away to say hi and that we should catch up but didn't know where to start. I've just finished writing the worlds longest email with lots of goss on what I've been up to since she left in October (was it October? Nope! Early Novemeber - yes I remember she had a fireworks party and leaving get-together the day before she left!) Man, my fingers ache! I didn't even get anywhere near half of what I wanted to say but I thought I'd give her a break. It was literally a novel!!!

edit: Xina's just corrected me via email that she is, in fact in New Zealand!! I thought so... just wasn't sure *ahem*

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