Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Blimey, what a long weekend it's been! Absolutely wicked, and much needed. Friday was Glen's birthday (yep, another one!) - I got him a tounge-in-cheek book called Crap Cars. I got it cos he's thinking of buying a car and I wanted to give him advice. Actually, some of the cars in there are soooo crap they're cool: for example the Austin Allegro or VW Beetle. I also got him a toy BB gun. That evening Lee and Andy came round for a few drinks and a few fatty-boombatties. As it was Glen's birthday we all did whatever he wanted to do - he didn't fancy going out so we all stayed in. I was kinda hoping that we went into town cos I had some friends out in town that would've met us up and joined in but as it was Glen's day we do what Glen wants. He was the shepherd, we were his sheep! (that was an ironic joke as his sirname's Shepherd!)

Saturday was a good day too. Went to my mum's in the morning to do some of her chores as per usual. Came home to see Glen playing the new TimeSplitters game - joined in for a bit before realising that I hadn't bought Kim's Leaving present so quickly pegged it into Bournemouth to buy her the Spaced DVD Boxset and a wicked lamp from Habitat. I got back and had it wrapped within 30 mins! Bonus - more time on TimeSplitters. Woohoo!! Took time out at about 6.30 to find a blank video to watch the long awaited first episode of the new series of Dr Who - which, by the way, totally rocked! Then it was off to Casa to meet up with Kim, Paul, Scott, Fran, Lottie, Richard, Gary, Simone, Caprice and Emma. Stayed there for a bit and then moved onwards to O'Neills where we bumped into Helen and Becky (Mmmmm, becky!). Had a wicked time, drinking, dancing etc. As per usual when I go to O'Neills me and my mates are the first group of people dancing on the stage after the band's packed up their stuff. Had a Subway after and trekked home - I phoned Helen to ask more about Becky on the way home... what a drunken fool!

Sunday was a chill-out day. Kim and Paul popped round to collect they're leaving presents had had a quick cuppa and a chat. Then just chilled, played guitar and Xbox and watched some of Last Samurai.

And then yesterday (Monday) Glen, Kate, Lee and I went to the Baker's Arms pub to have a lovely slap-up meal - I had smothered chicken!! Man, the pub was full of loud annoying kids - apart from that it was cool. Had a couple of pints and headed home. Stopped off at Bottom's Up to grab some booze for the house and went home to play more TimeSplitters. Went to bed at about 2 cos I watched the last part of Last Samurai - I thought I'd only had a few chapters to go - it seems I was only half way through!

And now I'm at work!! *sigh*

I'll post pics of my weekend up here soon (I'll probably post a link to an album!)

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