Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Fail!!

So um, if I'm gonna fail at something why not let it be my blog. I seem to be used to it as you can probably tell be previous posts. Twitter seems to be my blog right now.... in fact I should find out how to have a Twitter feed on here. Maybe I should do a bit of spring cleaning. Y'know redesign the look of this blog. Black and green was last years colours.

So um, plans for today?? Take out the trash, buy a new camera, pay some bills, think about work (optional), put the bike in the shed, tidy the flat (optional), stroke cat (mandatory).

So um, I've been thinking about buying Scott Pilgrim for a while now. Just check Amazon... Volume 1 is FIFTY THREE FUCKIN QUID?!?!!? That's gotta be a typo. Have a look. On Borders's site it's a more down-to-earth £8.99. That's more like it. Mind you I still haven't started reading Alan Moore's V For Vendetta. Will get round to that though.

So um, It was James's Stag Do this weekend just gone (or Bachelor Party for the Americans). Will type more about that when I get my head around what happened. Al I know is that it involved lots of drink and memory loss .... oh and camera loss (that's why I'm gonna buy a new camera today)

So um, what's with the "So um"s at the beginning of each part?? Well, read Eddie Izzard's tweet and it should become clear...READ

Monday, February 02, 2009

New Horizons

I've been starting to get bored with Facebook for quite a while. And after reading a news article about Facebook selling its users personal information for "targeted marketing campaigns" (otherwise known as "spam") I've come to a conclusion that it's probably a good time to stop using it altogether and close my account. But it's not that simple to do. Even if you chose to close your account Facebook only deactivates it, the information remains on their database for 12 months. During this time they can use the information however they like. "Hey, that sounds unfair!" I hear you cry. But it's right there in the terms & conditions that you have to accept when you sign up. What was that? You didn't read the T&C's?? Neither did I, but it's right there. Why do they keep your info? Their excuse is that it's in case the user changes his or her mind and wants to re-register, and all of their info is right there and ready to go. The profile will look as though you've never gone away.

It turns out the only way to actually get it deleted is by writing them a letter requesting full removal from their database. They're probably relying on the fact that most people can't be bothered to do this seeing as we're now in the age of the email and SMS. To actually put pen to paper, write out a letter, put it in an envelope, write an address, buy a stamp (most people don't have them lying around the house like they used to) and post it in a pillarbox is far too much of a chore.

Last October I signed up to Twitter. I didn't use it much at first but recently I've become addicted. If you're on there too follow me at @stevejbeck.

EDIT: BTW, that Twittercounter over there on the right is broken. It says I've got 8 followers!! I've actually got 19 (I know it's not many but when you've got this few they're precious!)