Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Fail!!

So um, if I'm gonna fail at something why not let it be my blog. I seem to be used to it as you can probably tell be previous posts. Twitter seems to be my blog right now.... in fact I should find out how to have a Twitter feed on here. Maybe I should do a bit of spring cleaning. Y'know redesign the look of this blog. Black and green was last years colours.

So um, plans for today?? Take out the trash, buy a new camera, pay some bills, think about work (optional), put the bike in the shed, tidy the flat (optional), stroke cat (mandatory).

So um, I've been thinking about buying Scott Pilgrim for a while now. Just check Amazon... Volume 1 is FIFTY THREE FUCKIN QUID?!?!!? That's gotta be a typo. Have a look. On Borders's site it's a more down-to-earth £8.99. That's more like it. Mind you I still haven't started reading Alan Moore's V For Vendetta. Will get round to that though.

So um, It was James's Stag Do this weekend just gone (or Bachelor Party for the Americans). Will type more about that when I get my head around what happened. Al I know is that it involved lots of drink and memory loss .... oh and camera loss (that's why I'm gonna buy a new camera today)

So um, what's with the "So um"s at the beginning of each part?? Well, read Eddie Izzard's tweet and it should become clear...READ

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