Thursday, October 09, 2008

So how are ya....?

The last thing I can remember was seeing Metromony at 60 Million Postcards last Friday .... and today is THURSDAY!!!!!!!! This was probably due to the fact that it was indeed another late one, and also due to the fact that I was indeed very much pissed as a lord!

Although through moments of clarity I do recollect a band practice on Sunday. And that we wrote some tunes that were far too clever for their own good. So much so that when we had another band-camp on Tuesday I couldn't remember anything we did. Luckily Lee recorded everything we did using the iSight mic on his macbook - there's not a bad sound on those little things y'know?!

Anyway, Friday was a confusing one for me - I also wanted to go see True Swamp Neglect play their last gig at The Winchester as a farewell to Barney. But True Swamp ended up not playing and were replaced by my MB101 and Dutch Husband. Yet, I was informed, via the marvels of SMS, that James, Scott, Ben, Potts, Christian and James's brother were going to 60M for the Metromony gig. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BE ON THE SAME NIGHT???? (sorry about the capitals there - my CAPS LOCK got stuck). I chose Metromony @ 60M.

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