Thursday, September 11, 2008

Polish Film Posters

I've just stumbled upon this incredible collection of Polish Film Posters. They are so different from the American/English/Rest-of-the-world's posters it's unbeleivable. I don't know much about why they're like this. I can only assume that there was some weird copyright laws involved and so they had to draft in artists to create new designs. Some of them are so far removed from the actual film content. It's completely blown my mind. I will say that some of them are shit by todays professionally photoshopped examples but you have to understand that these were probably made on a zero budget, most in the 70's or 80's, they had to completely design their own font (not download from the internet it like you would today) and work with awkward and messy screen printing processes.

Apocolypse Now

STAR WARS - The Empire Strikes Back


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Anonymous said...

Nice post Steve.
There are further examples here:
which I discovered here:

Lee Dutch

Steve Beck said...

Wow, thanks, Lee.
They are great aren't they. They're totally fascinating.