Monday, August 04, 2008

Bored of the internet?!?

I dunno, maybe I am. I've not logged onto here for an update for a long time. I hardly use Facebook to talk to people. I occassionally log onto MySpace to check messages but ignore friend requests (There's 3 pages on my own profile and about 12 pages on Blind Voyeurs' profile) I've not uploaded to my flickr. I've posted once or twice on Solid Air messageboard and Never go to b3ta anymore (hmmm I must check that out)

These days I've mainly been on youtube. I've only posted 1 video about 3 weeks ago but I regularly log on to watch vids - current favourites being 21stCenturyCat (for a bit of vlogging and comedy) and SFLogicNinja (for really useful tutorials for Logic 8)

I'm often checking out news on - occassionaly commenting. But that's about it. I'm kinda bored of participating in conversations. I just use it to mainly read or watch stuff. I think it's just got to a stage where I've got so many profiles on so many different sites that it just becomes a chore to go to them all everyday. The profiles I've talked about here are just a few. There are a load that are more neglected than these.

Don't worry. I'm sure I'll snap out of it!

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