Thursday, January 10, 2008

Film night

Just watched Clerks. Hadn't seen it in a while but it was still a great film. We're now in bed watching Clerks II cos I haven't seen it yet. I've had it in my DVD collection for ages but I just haven't got round to watching it. I dunno how much I'll get through before I fall asleep though (not that I'm saying it's a boring film .... well I haven't watched it yet so I could be !! But I doubt it cos it's a Kevin Smith film... although there was Jersey Girl (I know, I'll just shut up and continue!))

Anyway, Me and Lisa have been watching Hellboy over the last couple of nights and have fell asleep during it. We've now spread it out into a Hellboy mini series. Still got part three to watch. Which reminds me Hellboy II is coming out soon. I read a news story on Digg about Hellboy II recently saying that they're gonna have Kung Fu in it! Not sure about that. Goodnight

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