Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Radiohead have made a packet out of me!

OK, so In Rainbows is still my most listened to album this year. I think they must've put some sorta weird sub-conscious hypnotism interweaved into this album as it's always in my mind. It was starting to make me feel bad that I'd only played a quid for the download as I was definitely getting WAY more than my value for money.

But then they announced the tour... well I had to go to that. So I ordered 2 tickets for me and Lisa - that cost near £100 after order fees etc.

...and then they announced that the diskbox was about to be discontinued and once the last of them have shipped out of the warehouse that was it: no more re-pressings or re-releases. So, knowing the potential rarity value of it I HAD to buy one of those too. So that's another £40 .... except I accidently bought 2 of them cos I didn't check my basket after my browser crashed during check out!...so that's actually £80 I'd spent!!!! Solution? Ebay!

My conclusion to this is that although a lot of people were thinking 'wow, Radiohead are gonna lose out of lots of money cos everyone's bought the download for free!' it turns out that if I were an average Radiohead fan then there will be millions more like me who would either have bought a ticket, a diskbox, or both! And Radiohead are still the world's biggest unsigned band so all the money goes to them, not the record company! I'd say that they've made a fuckin' mint!!!

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