Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Aruba Restaurant

Still on a buzz from the night before (ie, the gig at Kyps) I woke up in a real great mood. It was short lived though cos I had to go to work! Joy!

That evening I had a power nap and then woke up feeling real hungry. We had no food in so me and Lisa (sorry... that should be Lisa and I) went for a random meal at a new bar/restaurant in town called Aruba. I'd never seen or heard of it before but Lisa read something about it. It's basically a complete refurb of the Show Bar at Bournemouth's Pier.

Man, the food in there was really nice and the atmosphere was great. Best bit? The hot waitress in pigtails and hotpants!! Even Lisa said she would! (sorry, no pics of the girl!)

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Gordon Fong said...

I've had mixed responses about the food there but it seems a lively enough place. Our friend had their birthday in that "VIP" bit but they were so slow in bringing out the nibbles and it really was a mixed bag of stuff.