Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Battles new video - Tonto

Battles are an odd band. When JB first introduced me to them I wasn't sure how to take them. Upon listening to my first Battles track, enthused by JB, I was really getting into the style of music. Amazingly geeky jazz-like riffs with an clanky-indie edge played with mathematical precision. But when the munchkin style electronically processed vocals came in I felt a bit put out. I even laughed. But through time and exposure it actually becomes quite charming and I've actually grown to really like this band. I really respect their talent.

A quick rummage on YouTube reveals a handful of live clips and one thing that blow my mind was occassionally two of the three guitarists take one hand away from the guitar to play a keyboard - yet are still playing the same guitar riff. All this without dropping a beat. Also, I loved the fact that they have their guitars strapped so high that it's almost around their neck. Speaking of high instruments, the drummer has his crash cymbol six feet high!!

Here's a new video for their latest single 'Tonto', Enjoy.

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