Monday, November 28, 2005

Pay Day

....and yes it HAS been a month since my last post. That's mainly because I've been really REALLY busy at work (I don't have internet access at home yet so all my posts have been from work!) I've also been skint for the last 3 weeks so I've not been out in town or anything, so what have I been up to instead?

Well, I went to watch True Swamp Neglect support Chesney Hawkes at the Operah House on the 10th November. It was a Rubber Soul arranged night to mark the first Rubber Soul at their new venue. It was a very surreal night - I mean, we were actually going to watch 'the one and only' Chesney as well as see one of our local bands (and friends) playing on a big stage. And pretty much everyone involved in the local music scene was there. Here's some pics...

True Swamp Neglect

Chesney Hawkes!!

It was weird though, I remember the Opera House being bigger when I used to go! It just felt soooo small. And that's pretty much what everyone else said as well. The upstairs bar, Benedicts, wasn't open that night. That's where they're gonna have the future Rubber Soul nights. I wonder how much that's changed?!?!

Most of my time has been spent working on The Hat's new website. James Burton (one of the band members) came round to have a sneak preview when he came to collect Scott for a band practice and he was well impressed! Wicked. I'm hoping it will be online very soon.

My other spare minutes have been spent with the delightful Lisa (that's my girlfriend, in case you didn't know - sorry girls, I'm taken. haha!!) We went for a really romantic walk down to the sea-front last Sunday (20th Nov) and it was a good opportunity to take some photos - haven't taken any for a while. Here's some of the results...


So, being paid is a good thing. I now feel like I'm part of the human race again. But I must learn to stop spending so much! I mean, I spend my money on drink, drugs, women, video games, DVD's, nights out .... the rest of it I squander! *wink*

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