Thursday, October 27, 2005

Site For Sore Eyes!!

I'd like to start this post by saying sorry for being lame and not updating for a while ... AGAIN!!! I've been a little bit on the busy side. Y'see, I'm met this girl and she's kinda taken over my life - she's absolutely amazing!! Simone introduced me to her by leaving a voicemail message on my mobile saying "Send me a picture of yourself - it's for a potential lady friend!" which I thought was a bit odd but slightly exciting. I had a new phone so and it wasn't fully set up yet so I told her to send me a picture of her - which she did. I was well impressed. Anyway, I sent her a picture of me pulling a face and then a normal one and she was impressed too so we exchanged numbers and got texting. Eventually met the following Tuesday. I was worried that I'd been set up with a minger cos you never can tell from mobile phone picture messages but when she walked in I was gobsmacked! And now we're boyfriend and girlfriend and very happy indeed!! Ahhhh!!!

Last night me and Scott were working on the new website for The Hat. The old one's getting a bit cranky and was in need of sorting out. Last night I got the first couple of pages working and linked together with rough bits of text - nothing final. Also we went through lots of studio photos, live photos and video clips to find some good images for the gallery. I told Scott to take his digital camera into the studio tonight when he has band practice to take some more pics and clips. The site is really starting to take shape and looks. It makes helps make them look like a band you really want to get to know about and makes their music more exciting. Although, the new shakedown of the band means the demise of The Sarge we decided to maintain the World War feel of the site with stark colours and striking imagery. A test site will be up for you to check soon.

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