Sunday, July 17, 2005


This is long overdue but it has to be done. During the weekend from Thursday 30th June to Sunday 3rd July I went camping with Kim, Paul, Gary, Simone, Lottie, Mooro, Scott and Fran in Stratford Upon Avon.

You'll notice I'm not in the pic cos I took it!!!

I got my up there from Lottie and Mooro. We made it up there in good time and pretty much went straight there without getting lost thanks to the routeplanner from (I think ... it could've been from the AA website but I'm not too sure!!) In fact the only wrong turn we made was when we got into the camp site - instead of going straight on towards the tent pitching area Lottie saw a sign that told people to go right. She didn't notice that it also said "Residents only" so we had a very surreal tour of the trailer park. It looked like a cross between something from Twin Peaks and Toytown!!

Kim and Paul got there first and were just putting the finishing touches to their tent when we eventually pulled up. We built our tents and then the final car arrived with Gary, Simone, Scott and Fran and we helped them build there's then settled down for a beer.

Mooro, Lottie and me wanted to have a curry so we suggested we all go to the local curry house (Cafe Chuney's) for our first nights meal. Everyone was keen to go but they said we should go ahead and then ring us when we're there to let them know what it was like but when we did nobody was up for it. I had a Lamb Pathia and, I have to admit, it was one of the best currys I've EVER had!! By the time we got back to the ranch a lot of alcahol was consumed ... especially by Kim who woke up, about 10 mins after going to bed, to puke!

Kim and Paul a little drunk!

The next day we went into town to see what it was all about. One of the first sights we saw was an old clock tower just in Rother Market built in a victorian style.It was given to the town by an American gentleman, George W. Childs of Philadelphia and this is why, half way up, on two corners there are American eagles and on the other two corners there are English lions. And if you look at the point above each of the clock faces there is a fairy from Midsummer Night's Dream. This clock tower is always known as the American Fountain and it used to have a drinking fountain on: the horse troughs were at one time full of water but now full of flowers. How's that for history!

Getting ready for the day ahead

Clock tower

Paul's grown again!!
to be continued....

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